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Otis Sandsjö (sax) | Lukas Traxel (b) | Moritz Baumgärtner (dr)

With One Eyed Daruma, Swiss double bassist Lukas Traxel (Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ralph Alessi, Lionel Loueke) presents his first solo project. Flanked by saxophonist Otis Sandsjö (Y-Otis, Speak Low, Petter Eldh) and drummer Moritz Baumgartner (Melt Trio, Tau 5), the Swedish-Swiss-German trio performs sound between John Coltrane, ADHD and Agnes Martin. Symbolically behind this is the eyeless Daruma: painting one eye on the Japanese lucky charm represents a wish; the second eye signifies its fulfillment. Traxel's Daruma remains one-eyed - the energy of the unfulfilled wish slumbers in the compositions of the double bassist. Live as well as in the collective with Sandsjö and Baumgartner, however, the face is completed as well as animated at short notice: virtuosic-furios, from energy to longing, melancholy to rage and under the sign of the Daruma.

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