Otis Sandsjö (sax) | Lukas Traxel (b) | Moritz Baumgärtner (dr)

With "One Eyed Daruma" bassist Lukas Traxel presents his own compositions for the very first time. The Japanese lucky charm Daruma is representing the songs out of Traxel's feather. They are meant to be one-eyed like a utopia or a (still) unfulfilled wish. Only the unpredictable interaction in the trio completes the musical face of the Daruma and gives it its second eye. For this Lukas Traxel has teamed up with Otis Sandsjö, the unique and distinctive Swedish saxophonist of the young European jazz scene, and Berlin drummer Moritz Baumgärtner, who has long acted not only as a rhythmic backbone but as another sound-defining instrumentalist. The band functions as a collective in which each of the three remarkable musicians can steer the music in unexpected directions. Together they create an organic body of sound, sometimes energetic and virtuosic, sometimes dreamy and melancholic.